A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made in 48 hours for LD37.

You are alone in your cave, in year 5000 BC.

You have a campfire, a club in one hand and nothing in the other hand. All the same - ready to adventure out of this cave.

Since this is a ONE ROOM challenge, you will not see the wonderful adventures that you experience OUTSIDE of the cave.

Your diary updates of what you encountered, and you get food and science-points so you eventually can research the miraculous BOW AND ARROW (not yet implemented in-game!)...

A friendly (*) mute boar of some kind will visit your cave now and then, but you are always ready with your club and ... hand, to kill it - rewardless. Before it kills you! (which it will do more often than not.)


It's hard, it's boring and a way out of what I thought it could be. 48 hours is fast!


Cave-LD37-WIN.zip 15 MB
Cave-LD37.app.zip 19 MB

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